Thursday, September 1, 2011

Naked at WAA!

Well, almost...
A great, delightful showing at the MASH-UP - thanks to theatre simple for organizing and to the awesomest drummer ever, Ron Carnell!
A warm and laughing audience - and some of the best sharing ever! I think one of my top ten stories about being naked came from a lovely young lady - she was skinny-dipping in a river, when a man came motoring down in his boat... so she and her friends tried to hide. In Nettles. Ouch!
All in all, a lovely night. Hoping for lots of bookings... so maybe, someday soon, I can be Naked in your town.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Naked Again! on Vashon...

"Would you like to see me naked? Then come! We'll talk a little, dance a little, and eventually someone will be naked...

maybe you!

Okay. Probably me."

It's been nearly a decade since I wrote those words - and See Me Naked has taken me all over North America. And now, I get to (maybe) be naked again, on one of the loveliest islands in the world... Vashon.

Save the Date - Saturday, November 6. 7pm.
Open Space for Arts & Community

and you know, it is Vashon - maybe we'll all get naked!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Press Raves & Press Links for Maria Glanz & SEE ME NAKED

Press Raves for Maria Glanz & SEE ME NAKED

“Maria Glanz crafts a strange, beautiful, thoughtful show. Glanz is fascinating, and this show takes the strangest route to being thought-provoking of any show I’ve seen at the Fringe. 5 Stars.” - Liz Nicholls, The Edmonton Journal

“Ways you may feel about being naked: humiliated, humble, humorous, hairy. Whatever – bring it on, Maria Glanz can take it. She’s brilliant… A cross between Julia Sweeney and a Chatty Cathy doll, Glanz is at once fragile and powerful – kind of like the naked human body itself.”
- Seattle Times

“A comic, compelling hour exploring society’s attitudes on nakedness, and why we feel the way we do about being in the buff. 4 Stars.” - Jenny Gabruch, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

“Glanz proves a cunning performer who exposes her vulnerability about her body long before anything else. The naughtiness has been stripped away, and we are left with a woman making us look in the mirror. 5 Stars.” - Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free-Press

“Maria Glanz is almost excruciatingly vulnerable in her solo show. It begins with a hilarious attempt at a striptease, then turns into a presentation – complete with cue-cards – on nudity through the ages. Glanz is so disarming that you soon get into it. The title is not just a teaser. We do. And she’s lovely.” - Amy Barratt, The Mirror (Montreal)

“Depending on the crowd, one could rename this one-woman (and one-drummer) show: See You Naked… Written and masterfully performed by Seattle’s Maria Glanz, this play is a thought-provoking exploration of body image and concept of nakedness. 4 stars.” - Mike Ross, The Edmonton Sun

“Words cannot describe how pleasantly surprised I was by this piece. Maria Glanz delivers a warm, sensitive meditation on our relationship to our bodies that is amusing and inspiring. 5 stars.” - Kurt Spenrath, SEE Magazine (Edmonton)

“Likable, entertaining, and sometime even laugh-out-loud funny. And brave.” - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“It’s easy to see why Fringe veteran Maria Glanz is so popular – she’s smart.” - The Stranger (Seattle)

And here you go: Click away….

Wow, this show was fabulous! Yes, we’ve heard all that “body acceptance” rhetoric before, but never quite like this… it was downright fun. Naked girl Maria Glanz is a natural and engaging monologist… The show is lively, interactive, thought-provoking, and funny look at the nature of nudity, nakedness, and the body. Very original.

“See Me Naked” is not in competition with Déjà Vu-type entertainment. It is more philosophical than that. It includes musings about emotional nakedness, body images and the tyranny of perfect figures and physiques as portrayed in commercial publicity. Audience nakedness or seminakedness is optional.

Maria Glanz is almost excruciatingly vulnerable in her solo show …

With intelligence, humor, and more than a little chutzpah, Seattle performer Maria Glanz presents her critically acclaimed show exploring the many ways society views being naked -ttp://

“It begins with a strip tease that doesn’t go very well,” said Maria Glanz, the creator and performer of See Me Naked, a one-woman show that will come to the Blue Barn Theatre July 12 and 13.

Humiliated, humble, hairy — however you feel about being naked, Maria Glanz can take it. The cheeky title — See Me Naked — lures us to see her strip, then Glanz masterfully turns the farcically abortive striptease (stuck zippers, unhold-able poses) into an hour-long inquiry into the relationship between flesh, ego, and why being naked is such a big deal.

Ways you may feel about being naked: humiliated, humble, humorous, hairy. Whatever — bring it on, Maria Glanz can take it. She’s brilliant as the kooky, neurotic, nameless character who lures us to see her strip while accompanied by a drummer…

See Me Naked

"Would you like to See Me Naked?"

“Would you like to See Me Naked? Then come! We’ll talk a little, laugh a little, dance a little… and eventually someone will be naked -

Maybe You!

Okay. Probably me…”

I wrote those words in the spring of 2001, when I was starting to think about promoting See Me Naked.

See Me Naked. I love that title. I think it might be the best title I ever wrote. So far.

In the spring of 2001, I was single. I was in my 30’s. I was goin’ on tour, I was makin’ a show and takin’ it on the road - I was gonna try to live up to the idea that came to me and my friend Jason Webley in that bar in Saskatoon, Sasketchawan, when we were touring my play “Pu’uhona (place of refuge)” - a play very few people were coming to see, although the folks who did see it loved it - this idea that fell out of my mouth:

“If I was naked and funny, I’d be making a fortune.”

I’d always been funny. I just decided to try and get funnier. And naked.

And... wow.

5 stars (that’s really good, the best actually - like Gold at the Olympics). 5 stars at the Edmonton Fringe, Saskatoon Fringe, Winnipeg Fringe, Montreal Fringe; Artistic Pick in Seattle, Best of Fest Hold-over at Edmonton and Winnipeg, naked Maria on the cover of the Winnipeg Sun… I was the famous Naked Lady of the Fringe Festival Circuit. Doing a show critics called:

"Strange and wonderful."

A show about nakedness and bodies and women and penises and men and body doubles and hang-ups and cookies and drums and me and You. And people did come, over and over again. I added it up, and I think over 10,000 came to See Me Naked.

And then I got tired. And then I got pregnant. And then I got a job. And then I had my son. Somewhere in there I got married. Then I moved to San Diego with my little family. And then we moved back home to Seattle.

I got Naked a few times along the way - a sell-out crowd at Bumbershoot, a strange little run at Cape May Stage where I did NOT get Naked, a sold-out love-fest standing ovation at Vashon Allied Arts in honor of Womens History Month last year…

but all in all, I have not been NAKED in too long.

I’m gettin’ hot. I’m not sure if I’m still funny or not. I’m older, I know that. I had a child. I have a big scar where he came out. My breasts sure look different than they used to.

But I can’t help myself. I wanna get Naked again.

And I’m hopin’ someone, maybe you, might wanna come watch. And talk. And think. And dance.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get Naked, too.